Incite sabbaticals

At Incite, every employee is rewarded with a fully paid four week sabbatical every four years, with many choosing to add on two weeks annual leave to make it a six week break. How our colleagues choose to use their sabbatical talks to the diversity of interests and life stages that are encompassed here. In the past twelve months, sabbaticals have included extended trips in the US and Europe, climbing in Nepal, learning new dressmaking and bread making skills, and spending unmissable time with new additions to the family.

Myself and two colleagues spent our sabbatical travelling around Indonesia, meeting up with two other travelling Incite friends. We hiked up active volcanoes, snorkelled with turtles and sharks and trekked through the jungle, encountering wild Orangutans along the way.

The places that 12 of my colleagues visited over the last 12 months:

Austria, Australia, Belgium, California – Yosemite and Santa Monica, France, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Isle of Wight, Malaysia, Mount Everest, Nepal, Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, Tibet and at home with a new baby.

And some of their favourite moments…

“My favourite memory was teaching our son Ivor to build his first sandcastle on the Isle of Wight.”

Helen Donald

“8-hour blast down the Spanish side of the Pyrenees, on the N-260 – incredible twisty but flowing road with amazing scenery, roof down, engine and exhaust roaring, eagles overhead.”

John Tearle

“Getting married in the UK and then honeymooning in New Zealand: swimming with wild dolphins, doing my first (and last) bungee jump and hiking over an active volcano.”

Emily Greenwood

“The first rays of morning sunshine lighting up Mount Everest and realising I was staring at the very highest point in the whole world!”

Lucy Paxman