Trends: a shortcut to success or a distraction?

In today’s world, there’s a social desirability to be healthy. What once manifested solely in the food we eat and the sports we play now influences our broader lifestyles. From how you care for yourself and your home to the technology you use and the vacations you take, very little is untouched by our pursuit to live better.

In our desire for healthiness, this macro behavioral and attitudinal shift has given way to a myriad of trends. Beer for the active lifestyle, natural cleaning products, meal kits that go beyond convenience and genuinely excite and inspire – just to name a few.

Navigated successfully, these trends are breathing new life into the category incumbents and opening the door for crafty upstarts to become household names. A misstep and you’re left chasing fads and wasting resources on dead ends.

At Incite we are not a ‘trends forecasting’ agency, but we can help make trends work for you.

We studied over 60 health and wellness trends in a range of sectors and identified the sticky and the slippery: which resulted in long term shifts in attitudes and behavior, which turned out to be just flashes in the pan? From this, we developed a model to help you navigate the ever-changing landscape and identify where you can play and how to succeed both tactically and in your longer term strategy.

To help you unlock opportunity from trends, Incite’s tried-and-tested framework capitalizes on core consumer and commercial expertise:

Consumer understanding:

Identifying deeper, more stable consumer needs to forecast the future of trends and help you activate to achieve success.

Behavior change:

Working with rather than against consumers’ habits, cognitive biases and heuristics to achieve the desired behavioral outcomes.

Commercial acumen:

Bringing together business and consumer realities to develop detailed plans that unlock opportunities for you and your customers.

We would love to talk to you about our framework and how it can benefit your business, inform decisions and drive successful innovation and communication.


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