Being our true human selves

Incite turned 21 years old this month. We ‘came of age’.

In the UK, 18 is now considered ‘the big one’. But I am old enough to remember my 21st, and all it represented to me (my first proper house, my first step in a career in research), as being quite profound. And actually, this year is turning into an important milestone for us at Incite.

Like many people in the last year, we have taken stock of who we are and what we do. We have recognised that we have matured into being many different things to many different types of clients.

Incite means to stir, encourage, stimulate or prompt to action and how we do this is increasingly not a case of one size fits all. Our clients are diverse – of course they are, they are human – and we know that businesses work better when the complexity of human nature is harnessed and used as the key to unlock its potential.

We call this approach human-centricity.

We’ve spent the last year formalising what this means and why we believe in it. And to mark our coming of age, we are launching a programme of content to share it with you.

Over the coming weeks we will discuss how human-centricity helps uncover richer insights, galvanise teams to action and develop strategies that lead to profitable growth. Sign up to our newsletter to access the content. And later in the spring we’ll be talking about how we’re evolving our business to meet the diverse needs of the different types of people we serve.

As we enter this new phase, I am minded to think back to when we founded the company in 2000. I clearly remember the conversations about ‘what sort of company do we want to be’. We had a wonderful opportunity to create a culture we passionately wanted to work in and I would sum it up as a people-first one. I am proud to say that I think we achieved that and we still live by our values in all that we do today. I could talk about integrity, passion, collaboration – but actually it all comes down to being human; having respect and being there for one another, being ourselves. And this is as much about how we conduct engagements with our clients as it is about how we work with one another.

This month is B Corp month, and we are happy to announce that we are looking to achieve B Corp status this spring. That really will be a milestone; confirmation that we have grown up to be a ‘well rounded human’.