Overview of our Research Practice

In the Research Practice we collide human understanding with business savvy to give you:

  1. Inspiration – new ways of seeing the world that spark ideas and drive action
  2. Clarity – making the complex clear and the unseen unmissable
  3. Confidence – solid evidence for sound decision-making

We do that by specialising in four broad areas:

Foundational consumer and category understanding

  • Segmentations
  • U&As
  • Consumer journey mapping
  • Brand positioning
  • Category understanding

Complex research on execution and commercial strategy

  • Pricing, promotion and portfolio management (eg: conjoint)
  • Innovation and proposition development
  • Comms development

Analytics and support for insights teams

  • Synthesis of existing data
  • Quantitative modelling
  • Digital data and insights platforms

Integration of multiple research sources

  • Traditional qual/quant projects
  • In-survey video capture
  • Digital behavioural data tracking (eg: eCommerce behaviour)

We offer full-service qualitative, quantitative and secondary services, grounded in a consultancy-based approach to unpicking business problems and constructing answers.

Our team works across all sectors with specialists in FMCG/CPG, financial services, tech, travel and leisure and healthcare.

Our Research practice works alongside our Planning practice to translate recommendations into concrete implementations. And we work with our Strategy practice to build insights into business leaders’ and investors’ commercial strategies.

For more on how we do it, you can read about some of our recent work here.

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