Qualitative Research

We believe too much qualitative research is forced into neat, familiar boxes that are convenient or comfortable for clients and researchers alike. But these habits are creating unnecessary handicaps to building genuinely transformational insights.

We think time’s up for comfy qual. Instead, we engage with people on their terms to truly understand their agendas, behaviours and priorities. We continually challenge ourselves to get beyond our own biases and beliefs, so that we – and you – can discover the things we didn’t know we didn’t know. And most importantly, we bring you along the journey every step of the way.

Yes, we will answer the business question. But we will strive to do that with innovative approaches to who we engage with, how we engage with them, and how we share what we’ve learned with you.

Some recent examples from our projects:

  • Structuring groups based on category goals rather than demographics
  • Enabling disadvantaged participants to choose between depth interviews and an online forum, based on their personal needs
  • Understanding how product choices are informed by people’s life goals more than money
  • Using observation techniques to uncover the alternative personas people assume when using certain products

We use this approach to solving challenges from behaviour change to category landscaping to innovation and comms development. Our clients include world leaders in FMCG, Financial Services, Technology, Travel Leisure & Sport and Consumer Health.

Come and talk to us about getting back in touch with the human fundamentals of qualitative research to create transformational insights in your business.