Refocus, reimagine and reconnect

Google’s Year in Search gives a uniquely unfiltered view into the hive mind. Reviewing its insights recently led us to spot the emergence of three big themes.

In 2021, the world sought new entrepreneurship opportunities, searching for how to start a business more than how to get a job. COVID has forced us to refocus. Search interest for how to conserve reached an all-time high. COVID has forced us to reimagine. And after Haiti experienced a magnitude 7.2 earthquake, followed by Tropical Storm Grace, how to help haiti became a breakout search in August worldwide. COVID has forced us to reconnect. We also searched for mittens more than ever, thank you Bernie Sanders.

For better or worse, the pandemic has accelerated change in all aspects of our lives and the businesses we work for. Whilst Google sees this in its Search data, we see it reflected in the challenges our clients present us with.

Enquiries for strategic market landscaping projects have increased; our clients are looking to refocus. We’ve seen a run of briefs on new and emerging topics ranging from electric vehicles to meat-free diets; our clients are looking to reimagine. And we’ve seen a renewed interest in ways of building consumer empathy and human understanding for their brands; our clients are looking to reconnect.

Over the coming weeks and months, we’ll be addressing the questions you’re all asking, with a programme of content designed to help you navigate the present and plan for the future. We’ll kick this off next week with a look at one of the challenges around aligning organisations and behaviours behind a common purpose under the ‘refocus’ theme.

For now, we’ll leave you with Google’s Year in Search 2021 video to reflect on a challenging year with powerful impact. Get your tissues at the ready.