Podcasts to put on your radar

With the school holidays approaching and holiday season in full swing, we thought now would be a good time take a breather from the serious stuff and share some light-hearted content fit for broadening your horizons.

In the first of two recommendations lists, our team share some of the top podcasts on their radar to spark new thoughts and perspectives. From songs that defined the 90’s to learnings from a former monk, we hope you’ll find something inspiring in the mix.

Ryan recommends…

The interesting way of understanding what brands are up to and what people think about it: How are market trends affecting consumers thoughts and behaviours and how are brands reacting? Which ones are getting it right and which ones are getting it really wrong? If any of this sounds like it would pout your bottom lip and raise your eyebrows upwards, this might just be the podcast for you.

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Phil recommends…

As a child of the 90’s, this podcast screamed nostalgia to me. Not only does this series take you through the journey of some of my favourite bands and artists (Pavement, A Tribe Called Quest) but allows you to indulge in some guilty pleasures too (Britney, Spice Girls). It’s as insightful as it is entertaining and I would recommend to music lovers of all genres.

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Caitlin recommends…

A purpose coach and former monk, Jay Shetty uses his podcast as a platform to share wisdom from some of the most insightful people in the world. His podcast series covers a breadth of topics, from building resilience to breaking out of your comfort zone. If self-improvement and growth is your thing, give this a go.

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Helen recommends…

A really nice podcast episode from my friend Jude on how to manage communication anxiety (something we are bound to all struggle with from time to time!). It covers where nerves come from, how to build greater awareness of tension and unhelpful habits, and steps we can take to build greater confidence, composure and a sense of confident credibility when speaking.

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